Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I Believe

A personal mission statement. It’s not easy, but the end result has been very powerful for me. In the process, I was able to define what’s important to me – and what isn’t. It applies to my family, friends, professional colleagues, and the counter help at Dairy Queen. Without it, it’s too easy to wander down the wrong career path or spend time on unproductive leisure activities. It takes courage to share this on the Internet, but I made a promise a couple of blogs ago:

I’m an artist, architect, and healer.
As an artist, my medium is people and relationships, showing reverence toward the unique skills and spirituality of every person in my life.
As an architect, I use discipline and love to the guide the creative process that builds rock solid change from the status quo.
As a healer, it is my sacred duty to find the calm, peaceful center of conflict, and help others find connection and common ground.
The quality of my work is measured by the achievements and attitudes of the people I serve.

I worked with an executive coach with very special expertise in language and expression. It took a couple of days to develop this, picking out relevant words from an exhaustive list. It was interesting what types of words had meaning for me, and which didn’t. Every person is different. Now I know that if I ever meet Warren Buffett at Dairy Queen, and he asks me what matters in my life – I’ve got an answer.

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